Saturday, 15 August 2015

Rain didn't stop play...

I'm staying with my sister and It's absolutely poured rain today.
Ha! My mum's operation has been delayed by a week. Now it's scheduled for the day after her 90th birthday.
I'm sitting about with nothing to do now so I did a bit of stitching. I always write my blog on a laptop but I'm trying to get the hang of blogging on my IPad mini today. You just get used to one thing then there seems to be something new to learn. I'm lucky to have a whizz kid of a son who fixes things for me. I can't remember what he shows me, that's the trouble.
Anyway, I brought my bookmark kit with me.

I've chain stitched the red border. 
I made a cake!

I made a fruity jelly!

These runner beans are from my brother- in - laws garden.

My sister made Scotch eggs. 

And I made a start on the blue borders.

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crazydazy said...

You did well on the iPad.......sons are great technical experts!