Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Moira and some wild flower spotting.

We parked at Moira Station. This picture belies how the weather really was. We braved a very cold and blustery wind with frequent heavy showers on our walk - but it was worth it to see the wee cygnets.

There were 6 of them with their proud parents.

I'm still on the hunt - trying to identify some new wild flowers. I haven't seen this before but I think it is called Alexanders.

Common Forget-me-not. 

Charlock- or is it Black mustard - not sure.

Cabbage Thistle.

Red Dead Nettle


Herb Robert.

Grape Hyacinth - growing wild but close to the station.

Are these Indian Runner ducks?

The weather changed from this...

to this....

The ducks got caught in it!

This is Ramson with it's characteristic garlic smell.

Lords and Ladies.

Ribwort Plantain.

Cow Parsley.

Common vetch.

Garlic mustard.

So a good day of wild flower spotting...

... but this was my fave pic of the day.  I take all my pictures with a LITTLE Canon IXUS 100.

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