Saturday, 4 May 2013

Driver bird.

I've been having a tidy up today of all the stuff I had out to make the book (there's quite a bit), and I'm still feeling good that it's actually finished! It's also strange to not be sewing when you've been working at something for a long time.. I still had a bird on the go and I had started him around the same time as the book. He's in the picture below waiting for his belly part to be stitched together. I'm making him for the group display at our exhibition.

He's made from an old driving glove. My husband had thrown the gloves in the bin, I'd say they're pretty old, but I could see a use for them. I made the bird from the same pattern as the blue tit.

I machine stitched on the wings and cheeks and then snipped between the lines. Then I made holes round the edges with the machine as I thought it would make it easier to hand stitch the leather pieces together.

... almost 3 months later and I'm glueing in the legs!
 His beak is the end of a golf tee (thankyou Sharon!).

I'm glad I waited because just recently I got this book out of the library.
Matt Sewell 'OUR GARDEN BIRDS'..... I love this book, gorgeous little drawings of birds,water colour painted.  Beside each bird Matt writes an amusing description about the bird and its character.

I thought my bird seemed to be of the Passer montanus family after reading Matt's description.

So I finished him off with a cap and a scarf.

Now, where did I put the keys to the sports car?

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