Monday, 20 May 2013

A day out at the Balmoral Show.

I've wanted to go to the Balmoral Show for years. It's got all the things I like. I should've married a farmer!
Now it's being held in a new venue and we decided to go and see what it was like.

Friday was a lovely sunny day, still a bit cold but just right for the Clysedale horses.

This horse was keeping an eye on the judge.

Up in the stands and I was envious of this man's skills. His drawing of a horse was amazing.

The Sheep Dog Trial demonstration began, I used to always watch 'One Man And his Dog' on TV.

Allistair Lyttle and Spot won OMAHD in 2010.  On Friday he was here with his dogs and they were brilliant at herding the sheep.

I liked this sheep. Lovely curly wool for dyeing and felting!

This was a mischievous pig that tried to escape....

... and a very proud hen showing off her egg.

You'd think this cockerel would be proud winning 1st Prize but he just looked fed up with the whole thing.

This bird was making a bid for freedom!

The 'Poultry and Eggs' were my favourite part of the show.

I had a look in the WI tent at the flower arrangements, baking, art & crafts.
This fabric cake really took my eye!

Then there was the fairground with rides as high as the sky.



Ali Hogg said...

hi, looks like a great day the new venue better? love the fabric cake, ali

Ali Hogg said...

sorry I didn't make the exhibition and see your book....I think today was the last day. Have been very busy in the last week or two. I'm sure it looked great though, Alison