Saturday, 29 January 2011

Knitting .. not Stitching.

It occurred to me today while I was sorting out for the umpteenth time that I never do any stitching. All I do is move things about and tidy up. I collect - and don't have room for it all - and I can't get near my sewing machine without shifting a load of stuff.
While I was moaning about all of this this my huz pointed out that I had made the paper biscuits recently and that was 'art.'
Also I've been knitting cupcakes.....but now I'm getting STITCHY fingers.


nigelgreen52 said...

Having spent all weekend tidying up old paperwork I know exactly how you feel. On the other hand my ability to be creative is known to be non-existent so maybe I don't.
I like seeing your work though so remember no gain without pain!!!!!

Mary Conn said...

I'm sure you are very creative in your own field of expertise!