Thursday, 20 January 2011

Afternoon Tea Workshop.

This years title for our craft group exhibition in May is 'The Elements.' We will all work on our own towards that.
But also, I like to see a group activity because I think it brings us all together and we have some fun. That was what today was all about.

decorating the biscuits
Ferrero Rocher knitted covers!
Mary and Sylvia
Sylvia's cross stitch teacup tea cosy (work in progress)
and the iced biscuits!

Thanks to everyone for taking part.


nigelgreen52 said...

Did you do a layout as if it was afternoon tea or did you leave the various items as individuals.
What definition of elements are you using, the classic Fire , Earth, Water etc or the wider one of the weather?

Mary Conn said...

Classic for 'The Elements' at our May exhibition and the goodies are for an 'Afternoon Tea' exhibit that will be on at the same time.