Saturday, 1 December 2012

Our Craft Fair.

Last Thursday the Harmony Hill Craft Group held an 'in house' craft fair.
As you can see, it was well attended and, as usual, there's always plenty to chat about.

I brought jam and chutney, here it is maturing in the kitchen cupboard
Dorothy brought candles 

Yvonne's embroidered necklaces
and machine embroidered mirrors and needle felted bead necklaces

There was an assortment of interesting items on sale ..... necklaces, brooches, earrings, bangles, mirrors, candles, cards and jam and chutney!
And a variety of skills and materials used ..... machine embroidery, lace, beading, knitting,wirework, friendly plastic, needle felting, card making and cooking.

Mavis's lace necklaces
Elizabeth's knitted brooches


Jennifer's silk bangles
pretty earrings

Margaret's knitted dishcloths and fingerless mitts

Dorothy's cards

Anna held her own sale for a charity and raised more money than anticipated thanks to the generosity of the ladies.

threads and fabric at Anna's corner sale

                   And some of us made enough money to pay for our Christmas lunch next week!

Margaret was kept busy collecting our  Christmas lunch money

And, ladies, I don't want to frighten you or anything.... but while all this was going on Patsy was busy working away on her 'Flights of Fancy' project for our exhibition next May.  Now that's what I call dedication!

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