Monday, 10 December 2012

A Host of Angels and a Christmas competition.

It was our craft group Christmas lunch last Thursday.
The subject this year for our competition was 'An Angel'.
In the past I've been quite vocal about the lack of entries for our competitions and also for some of the group projects.
Well, as you can see from the table, our members excelled themselves this time! There was a host of angels of every description on show.
There is a special cup for the winner of this competition and I've yet to get my hands on it!!
Maybe this time, I thought.

So take a look at some of the entries.

It was stiff competition.
 My favourite was this choir of angel mice, but I'm sure I saw a worried look in their eyes. 
Because that's MY angel they're competing with!

Well, they needn't have worried because they were the judges favourite too!

The Winners.
Congratulations to Janet!

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