Sunday, 23 September 2012


Been on a blogging break over the summer. Time to get back.

I like September. Blackberry picking - jam making. The blackberries don't seem so good this year, but over the fields I know where the damsons grow. I love their colour -  deep purple, almost black - and cloudy at the same time.

I simmered my damsons with water for 30 minutes and then I added the sugar.  I'm sure I could dye some fabric in this!

Removing the stones is the worst bit.
 You can take them out before you start cooking.
Or you can count the damsons in and count the stones out.
I scoop them out when the jam is boiling and hope for the best that I've removed them all.

I always forget to keep enough jars.

These jars are ready for selling at the Craft Fair.

I've done the taste test.   It's good!

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