Sunday, 26 February 2012

Out Swanning About.

I like this grey, wintry looking photo. The pussy willows are out and nature is showing signs of life.


We went for a walk along the canal today. It got me thinking about which season I like best. I like the winter colours and landscape but it's also nice to see signs of spring.

The swans are used to posing for photographs, it seems.

We are down at Broadwater, near Moira, and I was sure I saw an image like the Turin Shroud!

This lovely old signal box could do with refurbishment.

I like the colours and the lines in both of these landscapes.

This bullrush obligingly posed for a photograph.

So, was it an image of Christ I saw?

The truth is out there!

1 comment:

nigelgreen52 said...

Yes without of doubt a vision. Are you going to be a Nun now?