Friday, 24 February 2012

Decadent Dolls and Works in Progress.

You might think that I am a slow worker. Take these dolls, for instance. I went to a workshop in March 2011 and I'm only finishing them off now. Over the two days we made our dollies the other girls mostly had theirs finished, but as usual I wasn't in any hurry. In true City & Guilds style I came home and started a bit of research into the papier mache dolls. At the time I was working on other things and the dolls were cast aside.

So, although I'm slow, I would describe myself as a methodical and thorough worker. I'm always planning in my head what I'm doing and what I will be working on next.
I'm envious of the people I know who are prolific with their textile work and I wish I could be more like them.

Here's something else I started last year and have just finished. I made these gingerbread men for an Afternoon Tea display but I always had it in my head to turn them into a Christmas decoration.

I also started on this hat just before Christmas and I've just finished knitting it - so now all my WIP's are all completed.

So what's next?

Another WIP to finish ( that's the postcard of Hampton Court Palace). I've sent for some Pelmet Vilene to make a surround for the little knot garden embroidery.

Then it's the turn of Daddy, Mummy and Baby bird!

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nigelgreen52 said...

Quality not quantity is important. If you have the time take it all!!!