Saturday, 9 April 2016


Here's the thing. I've realised since I started drawing that I know very little about art, or famous artists. These days my mind is just a confusion. For the past three weeks at my drawing class we've been tackling linear perspective.  I found a book in the library suited to me.

I thought I had an understanding of the horizon and the vanishing point as my teacher was talking and demonstrating it all to us.

 Then when it came to drawing a pile of real life boxes, well I didn't have a clue how to go about it.

I studied my library book briefly, then gave up. I'm not inspired to do any drawing at home.

This week we moved on to 'breaking the rules' of perspective.  That sounded like more fun. 
However, it just looked like another still life to me.

For this drawing we had to change our point of view and combine different points of view in the same image. 
I'm not sure if any members of my class understood.  I drew the still life for a few minutes in one position then moved to another part of the room and continued my drawing.

ended up with two teapots and lots of lemons! 
I'm sure I am not interpreting correctly what our teacher is attempting to get us to do.
'Cubism' was mentioned. That's when I realised I knew nothing about art and artists.
I drew the tulips in a more geometric form but I still didn't have a clue. 
Then I came home and read up a bit on cubism and Picasso and Georges Braque and now I know a bit more than I knew before. 
I'm tempted to cut up my tulip drawing and piece it together now.
I might just break the rules. Isn't that what my teacher said? 

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