Friday, 4 April 2014

Stuffing and Wings.

            I found the owl's feet had hardened up more than I wanted when the glue had dried.
                     So I've stitched on some mohair wool to soften the look of them.
          I had a job pushing the needle through. I think the claws might be a bit big, I'm not sure.

                   I wrapped some stuffing round the wire before I pushed the claws up in to the legs.

                                                     Then I had a wrestle with the owl!

 Stuffing an owl is awkward. I gathered round the bottom of his legs and stitched it as tight as I could.

And the wires have to be snipped shorter. 

He's waiting for his wings... and a bit of tidying up.

 Then he'll fly away.  I decided I've finished with making creative stuff.
I want to do proper sewing.

1 comment:

crazydazy said...

those claws look so realistic!
looking forward to seeing your future sewing projects.