Friday, 8 November 2013

Which way?

Sometimes you just don't know which way to turn.

My mum fell recently (one of many falls) and ended up in hospital, with hypothermia and very confused.
Her usual carers, my sister and brother-in-law, were off on a cruise the next day.
Panic stations.
When I arrived the first thing she said was, "Did you get pulled out of a Mick Jagger concert to fly over here?!"

So I spent three weeks over in England. Back and forth to the hospital.
For the first week I looked out at this scene while waiting outside the ward for visiting time.
And while I was waiting at this hospital I met all kinds of people and listened to their life stories.

My mother gradually  improved and we were off to 'Intermediate Care.'
It was like a home for the elderly but in the middle of a housing estate.

My mum's room looked out on someone's back yard.

So I went back and forth, visiting and bringing treats, for the next two weeks.
Despite it's appearance this was a good place with good care.

Every day, as I was waiting for the bus back to my mum's flat, I looked over at this chimney and thought maybe I'll get time to go to that Hat Museum some day.

Then my sister and brother-in-law returned, and there were discussions, and this is where we're at now.

My mum is waiting while a care-package is being arranged and then she'll return home.
I hope it works.

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