Thursday, 8 August 2013


Back in the Spring I was blogging about Donegal. Last week I was back for a few days looking after my two grandson's again.
This is outside The Guildhall in Derry. Look at that black cloud.

It wasn't long before one of them was wet! Then we all got rained on.

On to Donegal and this is the view from their house.

I'm soon off up the road for a walk.

I found only one orchid, I think it's a Marsh Orchid.

I like the skeleton leaves.

There was a festival in Muff.

Birds of prey. I thought they looked alike!


A Soap Box Derby. This was a canoe on wheels that turned upside down.

Then we had an extremely windy day just right for kite flying.

While all this was going on the neighbours chicken was sitting on two duck eggs.  They hatched while I was there!

I wonder what this wee duckling thinks of it all!

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crazydazy said...

The fountains look great fun! You seem to have had a great time in Donegal