Friday, 30 March 2012

Harmony Hill 'Play Day'.

It was Play Day at Harmony Hill last Thursday. This was something new that we hadn't tried before .
Margaret G. had the bright idea of bringing in some of our' Gizmos' so we could all play around with them.
You know, those craft items we buy that seem like a good idea at the time, and then we never use them?!

Maureen brought in her card making supplies and these stamps - there was something for every occasion.

I made this card under her instruction.

Here she is with Ann. There was a great variety of stuff on this table for us to play around with.

There was a lace- making table with Vivienne and Mavis in charge.
Despite Vivienne's best efforts it was all Double Dutch to me!
I never was very good with numbers...

This was Dorothy's table and you would think Carolyn was flipping a pancake.
But look what's in the frying pan, its Dorothy's favourite "Friendly Plastic!'

What's at Sylvia's table? Shrink Plastic!

Elizabeth was delighted with this little golfing man.

Margaret and Jennifer's table. Pom-Poms, cording and Suffolk puffs.
We had all these lovely wools and metallic threads to choose from.

Margaret demonstrating to Pamela how to make a mini pom-pom!

Not sure what's going on here girls. Country dancing?  Whatever it is, Jennifer is in charge!

This was Carolyn's card.

Happiness, I thought it summed up the day.
It takes a lot of preparation and work to organise all these activities - so thanks to everyone for their efforts. It was a fun and happy day!

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Just plain weird!

When I was in Donegal I picked some gorse petals to try some egg dyeing. I wanted a coloured egg to go with one of the birds I'm making.
I hard- boiled the eggs along with the gorse but didn't have much success. I probably needed a whole lot more gorse.

So I boiled an egg with red food colouring. I liked the result and painted on spots with a Lumiere metallic paint. I then gave it a coat of varnish.
I like this egg but it's too big for my bird so now I'm going to try a smaller egg.

Mother bird is patiently waiting for her egg.

I'm going to tuck the egg under her feathers.

It was Mother's day today and my son gave me the ' little birds' book from the Design Collective that my friend Sharon had shown me.
Sharon is making the owls in this book and they are gorgeous.

The girl who compiled this book says she likes projects that are 'beautiful and sweet' and that she's seen her share of the odd, irregular (and just plain weird).

Well she ain't seen nothin' yet!!

Father bird, almost finished but I don't like his collar. It's coming off. And I think he needs a knapsack.
Then there's a nest to make and a suitcase and I'm thinking I might make a mouse, or a rat..........

Weird or what?

Monday, 12 March 2012

Weekend in Donegal.

Went to visit our middle son at the weekend and this is the view from his conservatory looking towards Derry.

Just up the road from his house.

We took a drive to Doagh Island and Carrickabraghy castle.

The sea was rough and shot up through the rocks like a fountain.

Lovely views of the sea.

I always go on the same walk here and my son's house is just down this road on the right.

We walked over the Peace Bridge in Derry.

This Cockerel lives next door, but it's my two grandsons that wake us up early in the morning!

Love going to Donegal!