Monday, 30 January 2012


Take a look at my old Craft Corner where I could hardly get moving. I stopped using the sewing machine in the end because I had so much stuff piled up in front of it.
Something had to be done about it!

Well now I've moved into another corner, with a better view looking out to the garden.
The downside of this room is that it faces north so it's always in the shade.
That was fine when it was used by my son as a bedroom - but I would like just a little bit of sunshine...

Oh well, a girl can't have it all. Look at this - I've got a cupboard and I've got storage boxes.

I've also been given a bookcase for all my magazines and craft books.
Look inside at all the drawers and baskets where all my craft things are stored.

And on this side are the fabrics, stored in plastic boxes and on shelves.

There's quite a collection of books there too.

Nice patterned rug to go under my feet.

And this is the sewing box I inherited from my Aunty Dorothy. It was her 21st birthday present from my Grandma and Grandad, I think that would have been in the 1930's. My husband treated it for woodworm and re-furbished it for me.

Take a look inside. It came complete with some Sylko cottons on wooden reels.
I like old stuff.

And I inherited my pin cushion too, it belonged to my Mother- in - Law.

So now it's lovely to have a new corner to sew in and a bit more space and storage.
Think I'll hang on to that bed though, just in case.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Friends School Lisburn goes viral.

My ears pricked up when I saw Friends School featured on our local news a few days ago because I just happen to be a past pupil, and a pretty bad one at that!
Well it looks like things might have changed a bit since the '60's and early '70's when I was a pupil there. I moved to N. Ireland from England at the age of 13 and I was unhappy leaving my school and all of my friends.
I was placed at 'Friends' towards the end of 3rd form and put into the bottom class to see how I would progress. Ha! It went from bad to worse.
Moving up into 4th form, it was GCSE's then, and the groups of subjects I had to study were not really of my choosing. I wanted to do Domestic Science and Art and along with that came History (boring), Music (couldn't read a note), Geography (o.k.), English Lit. (Shakespeare- no thanks!). Then the usual core subjects, English, French and Maths (to this day I can't do the most basic maths).
Thank you to the maths teacher who stood and flipped his ruler through my hair when I couldn't do the sums. I remember you.
And in those days you had to kneel on the floor and a measurement was taken from floor to hem to ensure your gym slip was the required length. Too short and you were in trouble.
I spent a lot of time getting into trouble.

Aren't they lucky, those pupils of today?

Just take a look at this........

Monday, 9 January 2012

Harmony Hill Craft Group Christmas lunch and competition 2011.

A belated post because we got a new computer just before Christmas and I'm only just getting around to working out how to get my photos up on the blog and they, and my mind, are a bit muddled.

This was my competition entry for a 'Stampie'. Cut out from lace and painted.

I was hoping we would have a higher entry for this competition as they are going to be displayed at our annual exhibition. Well, I know Christmas is a busy time, but this was only stamp size, and out of 30 members we fell short on effort.

Enjoying the food and chat.

Sharon made this Christmas tree from milk bottle tops!

This years competition was a 'Stampie.' I loved this felted robin.

Judy was the winner with her machine embroidered trees.

I like this blurry shot of her receiving the cup.

We started off with mulled wine and after that I forgot to take a photo of the lovely food everyone had contributed.

Anna entertained us with her expert flower arranging, I liked the spheres made from leaves wrapped around an oasis ball.

We had a great lunch. Lovely entertainment from Anna, Vivienne and Dorothy - and I'm still
trying to win that cup!