Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Friends School Lisburn goes viral.

My ears pricked up when I saw Friends School featured on our local news a few days ago because I just happen to be a past pupil, and a pretty bad one at that!
Well it looks like things might have changed a bit since the '60's and early '70's when I was a pupil there. I moved to N. Ireland from England at the age of 13 and I was unhappy leaving my school and all of my friends.
I was placed at 'Friends' towards the end of 3rd form and put into the bottom class to see how I would progress. Ha! It went from bad to worse.
Moving up into 4th form, it was GCSE's then, and the groups of subjects I had to study were not really of my choosing. I wanted to do Domestic Science and Art and along with that came History (boring), Music (couldn't read a note), Geography (o.k.), English Lit. (Shakespeare- no thanks!). Then the usual core subjects, English, French and Maths (to this day I can't do the most basic maths).
Thank you to the maths teacher who stood and flipped his ruler through my hair when I couldn't do the sums. I remember you.
And in those days you had to kneel on the floor and a measurement was taken from floor to hem to ensure your gym slip was the required length. Too short and you were in trouble.
I spent a lot of time getting into trouble.

Aren't they lucky, those pupils of today?

Just take a look at this........

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