Saturday, 14 May 2011

St. George's Market.

I went to the market hoping to find a few craft stalls. I bought these hand dyed 'silk hankies' and a bag of carded sari silks thinking they would all be of use with the Embellisher machine gathering dust in my sewing room.

It was a long time since I'd been and how times have changed...used as a morgue during the blitz in Belfast in the 1940's,
this was also the workplace of my husband's great uncle Bob who was a saddler for the market traders' horses.

Fresh fish stalls with live crabs. I didn't see them move.

Dublin Bay prawns.

Freshly baked breads.

Dulse,winkles and I think these are Arbroath smokies in the foreground.




Yummy cakes.

Now it's a bustling marketplace,on a Saturday morning,for fresh produce,crafts and somewhere to do a spot of people watching.

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