Sunday, 26 February 2012

Out Swanning About.

I like this grey, wintry looking photo. The pussy willows are out and nature is showing signs of life.


We went for a walk along the canal today. It got me thinking about which season I like best. I like the winter colours and landscape but it's also nice to see signs of spring.

The swans are used to posing for photographs, it seems.

We are down at Broadwater, near Moira, and I was sure I saw an image like the Turin Shroud!

This lovely old signal box could do with refurbishment.

I like the colours and the lines in both of these landscapes.

This bullrush obligingly posed for a photograph.

So, was it an image of Christ I saw?

The truth is out there!

Friday, 24 February 2012

Decadent Dolls and Works in Progress.

You might think that I am a slow worker. Take these dolls, for instance. I went to a workshop in March 2011 and I'm only finishing them off now. Over the two days we made our dollies the other girls mostly had theirs finished, but as usual I wasn't in any hurry. In true City & Guilds style I came home and started a bit of research into the papier mache dolls. At the time I was working on other things and the dolls were cast aside.

So, although I'm slow, I would describe myself as a methodical and thorough worker. I'm always planning in my head what I'm doing and what I will be working on next.
I'm envious of the people I know who are prolific with their textile work and I wish I could be more like them.

Here's something else I started last year and have just finished. I made these gingerbread men for an Afternoon Tea display but I always had it in my head to turn them into a Christmas decoration.

I also started on this hat just before Christmas and I've just finished knitting it - so now all my WIP's are all completed.

So what's next?

Another WIP to finish ( that's the postcard of Hampton Court Palace). I've sent for some Pelmet Vilene to make a surround for the little knot garden embroidery.

Then it's the turn of Daddy, Mummy and Baby bird!

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Postcard from Hampton Court Palace.

February already and it's time to start thinking about the Harmony Hill Craft Group exhibition, because before you know it, it will be May and I'll be running about wondering what to put into the show.

This years theme is 'A Pocketful of Dreams.'
If only it was as easy as this...more like 3 steps forward and 10 back when you're stitching.

As a group activity we are all making a postcard so I've been working on that. This is where my postcard is from.

Thinking about the 'dream theme' I sometimes think I would have liked to have been an apprentice at the Royal School of Needlework, based at Hampton Court. It must have been amazing to have had a part in making this dress.
So I thought, for my postcard, I would make a little knot garden and it's already taken quite a while. Laura, from my group, lent me a stitching tool to speed things up!
This is a Russian Punch and I've been using it to make the hedging around the edge of the garden.
It is most definitely 3 steps forward and 10 back. It's very frustrating but I like the effect.

Laura also gave me an old book, 'The Embroiderer's Garden' by Thomasina Beck, and in it I found the plans of the gardens at Hampton Court.

Look at all the knots!

Now how to make it into a postcard? Why do I give myself all this work?!